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Purchase SPECIAL PRICE Reflective Walkezee Harnesses

The Walkezee dog harness is an excellent aid to walking your dog with the benifit of reflective thread sewn on webbing.
This harness gives you calm control with even the most boisterous dogs. Easily accepted by the dog & easy to use by the owner. Attach the lead to the side of the harness for excellent leverage. This helps the dog self-correct and so reduce pulling. This harness can be used with any clip lead, but works particularly well with our accessories and a reward based training programme it can teach your dog to walk to heal in a fully controlled manner.
By employing a moving chest strap the Walkezee controls the dog in a comfortable humane way which the dog respects.There is no other dog harness on the market that works in this way with such results.The Walkezee is made from strong webbing and welded fitting for quality and strength.The Walkezee can be used in many different ways with the accessories we sell.

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