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Introduction to The Walkezee Dog Training Harness

Walkezee is a humane dog training and walking harness which helps to stop pulling.
                    THE BENEFITS OF THE WALKEZEE

• Easy to put on and adjust
• Can be used from puppyhood with a coupling attachment
• Difficult to reverse out of (when adjusted correctly)
• Comfortable - no pinching or rubbing
• Effective immediately
• 7 day money back guarantee

Dogs can learn very quickly.
When a dog pulls on the lead a few times & realizes that you follow, it quickly becomes a habit. All the shouting & pulling on the dogs neck will do little to stop this behaviour, infact possibly making it worse.More importantly it could possibly cause damage to your beloved companion.

It is known that badly used collars can cause:
• Soft tissue damage to the throat or windpipe
• Vertebral damage to the neck & shoulders
    An uncomfortable dog will not have the ability to concentrate on what you are asking it to do.
Check chains are inhumane & can also remove the dogs coat from around the neck and cause pinch injuries leading to hypersensitivity in the neck area.
Badly used head halters can result in whip-lash type injuries & in rare cases possibly death.
We are all familiar with the choking and gagging a collar can create when a dog leans into it pulling you along. Any dog leaning into their collar will have a reduced oxygen supply to their brain, thus making it difficult for them to think clearly, or even rationally. A dog that pulls on the lead is more likely to react badly when they see other dogs or people.

Taking the contact across the dogs chest is the most humane way to control a dog of any size. The Walkezee will allow you to get your dog to focus on you as it feels safe, comfortable and respected.