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What size?

What size Walkezee dog walking and training harness do I need?
The Walkezee dog training and walking harness is very easy to size, but please don't panic if your dog does not fit the standard size we can custom make one for you!
Using a tape measure, measure in inches the full circumference of your dogs ribcage just behind it's two front legs. This gives you the GIRTH measurement.
Then measure from behind one front leg all the way around the chest to behind the other front leg. This gives you the CHEST measurement.
The chest strap measurement on the Walkezee can be within 2 inches of your dogs chest measurement.

Size Spec for all harnesses
18" up to 24" Girth & 14" Chest Strap = SMALL SIZE
22" up to 28" Girth & 18" Chest Strap = MEDIUM SIZE
26" up to 35" Girth & 22" Chest Strap = LARGE SIZE
32" up to 45" Girth & 24" Chest Strap - EXTRA LARGE

Please order small coupling with small harness
medium coupling with medium harness and large coupling with large & extra large harnesses.
Rein size depends on how tall you are or how small your dog is, also how close you like your dog walking beside you.
Any question please phone us 01983 761768.
Please remember we can make any size to order but they are non-returnable.

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